Why outsource your accounting?

23 February 2023

This may sound counterintuitive, but outsourcing accounting services for your company is cheaper and is of superior quality compared to hiring and an internal accountant.


Less costs

Outsourcing is often cheaper than hiring an accountant. This is caused by the fact that it is inefficient for small and medium sized entities to hire a full-time accountant, because such entities do not usually need 100% of the accountant’s time and often one third or even one fourth of qualified accountant’s time is needed to achieve the same result. As for the large companies, setting up accounting department and purchasing appropriate accounting software is significantly more costly for them. Our automated systems and modern methodologies allow us to offer accounting service to large companies at lower fees.


Access to experts

Upon signing a contract with us, companies get access to different specialists, including tax experts, financial reporting specialists, experienced accountants and financial consultants. Each of them is master of their field with complex and thorough experience.


Insured risks

We have three-level control of accounting and tax filing process. Accounting transactions posted by an accountant is checked and verified by chief accountant, portfolio manager and finally by internal audit department. As a result, tax filings are monitored by three separate specialists.

In case of any errors, we are responsible for any tax penalties caused by our mistake.